The Clinic

Cyprus Pain Clinic was founded with the intention of providing comprehensive and individualized pain management. Our medical experience has taught us that the Quality of Life of patients is frequently neglected during the course of treatment. As doctors, in our efforts to treat a disease, we frequently overlook the significance of relief, psychological support, daily life improvement, and a patient's life itself. This is what we as a team want to change, treating every patient as a distinct individual with specific needs.


According to the World Health Organization’s definition of health, “health is not merely the absence of disease but also a state of complete physical, social, mental well-being”.
The team at Cyprus Pain Clinic aims to provide each patient with an efficient pain treatment strategy so they can progressively regain their lives. Our vision is to provide health in its broadest sense.
Our fundamental principle is to establish a personal connection with each patient before coming up with a treatment plan together. At every stage of the process, our patients are actively involved in the decision-making process, as only then can we count on their positive cooperation to deliver a successful outcome. Our multidisciplinary team’s experience and ongoing training ensure that every patient will receive treatments that are in line with the means available today in science and technology.
Development is not only a key aspect of our philosophy but also the personal goal of every member of our team. Each member of our team attends conferences both domestically and abroad, has articles published in scientific journals, participates in seminars relevant to their area of expertise, and keeps in touch and works closely with institutions abroad.

It is important to note that we provide specific treatment choices utilizing the most recent tools, technologies, and procedures in medicine. We can specifically highlight radiofrequency cauterizations (neurolysis), ultrasounds for nerve blocks, subarachnoid/epidural medication administrations with the implantation of permanent pumps, etc.
Our extensive experience has unquestionably led to the following conclusion: “A treatment, to be complete and effective, must necessarily focus on the person as a single organism, and not fragmentarily on the various parts and organs of the body or on what the existing symptoms reveal, at that given moment of the treatment, as an underlying cause of suffering.”
Cyprus Pain Clinic has reduced this empirical conclusion to an inviolable rule, the foundation of the diagnostic and therapeutic methods we apply!