Physiotherapy, also referred to as treatment through natural means, has its origins in antiquity and is now a crucial component of medical care offered all over the world. The primary objectives of physiotherapy are to prevent and treat musculoskeletal, cardiorespiratory, and neurological conditions in both chronic and acute conditions and injuries.

Department of Physiotherapy

Patients in all medical specialties can benefit from physiotherapy. It promotes, supports, and restores not only physical but also mental and social wellness. It is a distinct form of treatment-care that can be provided either individually or in collaboration with other modalities of medical care. It is helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of a variety of injuries, diseases, and other conditions, including: Sports injuries, back pain, sciatica, cervical syndrome, neurological problems, arthritis and more.

People’s ability to move becomes more difficult as they age, which affects their Quality of Life. Physiotherapists, being exercise, movement and function specialists, can help maintain mobility and independence.

  • With the help of physiotherapy, we can achieve:
  • Physical function restoration
  • Physical pain elimination
  • Poor posture correction
  • Muscular strengthening
  • Muscle spasm reduction
  • Surgical restoration of sports injuries, etc.

The Department of Physiotherapy treats patients with musculoskeletal, neurological, cardiorespiratory, and other conditions.

Physiotherapy services are offered on-site as well as at home for bedridden patients.


Medical equipment

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