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Because we demonstrate confidentiality, reliability, cooperation, and social responsibility!

Human-centricity is the primary asset that we value as a team. Every member of our team plays a crucial part in ensuring the Clinic runs smoothly and efficiently, always for the benefit of the patients who visit us.

Cyprus Pain Clinic currently employs duly skilled Administrative and Secretarial staff, highly-trained Health Professionals in the Pain Clinic as well as in the Departments of Clinical Psychology, Physiotherapy, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, while it also collaborates with health professionals abroad.

Cyprus Pain Clinic places great importance on its staff’s well-being and offers a suitable working environment that promotes receptivity and acceptance, safety and health at work as well as continuing education.

Our work culture focuses on recognizing and understanding the needs of individuals as well as ensuring the necessary resources for their professional development.

In order to realize our mission, broaden our services, and keep providing high-quality care to our current and future patients in a collaborative setting, it is crucial for us to remain committed to our principles and values.

If you wish to join our team and work in a human-centered work environment, you can find our available jobs below.

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